Since its establishment in 2017, Blaze has had the good fortune to be deeply engaged over a long period of time with three amazing organizations: the Center for Civic Innovation (CCI), Literacy Action, Inc. (LAI), and Ferst Readers. During the summer of 2020, interviews were conducted with key stakeholders at those organizations to reflect on Blaze’s work and impact. 

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“Val became integral to helping
us with staff transitions, and the cultural questions that followed. She facilitated those early, critical culture conversations, as well as the strategic work of navigating a young organization to the place we envisioned for ourselves.”

-Sagdrina Jalal, Senior Director of Programs & Partnerships at CCI

“I jokingly call [Val] Dr. Cook. She’s a cross between a doctor with a bedside manner, a professor in the classroom, and a psychologist who can hear what’s going on, un-package it, and make a statement.”

-Addison Meriwether, Former Board Chair for LAI

“As challenging as the process was, it was a process that needed to happen. Every organization needs to have a catalyst scenario that really allows them to morph and change and evolve, or they’ll remain stagnant. This was ours.”

-Errika Moore, Board Chair, Ferst Readers